My name is Dug Stetter. My Mission is to providing quality timing for our running community.

I am the exclusive timer for Zoomers Running Club SWFL and an RRCA Running Coach. My wife Marti and I have been involved in running for years, so I understand how important communication is when organizing a race. Many parts and people must come together to put on a great race.

We produce fast, precise, and affordable race results for all kinds of races in Southwest Florida: 5k, 10k, 50k & Marathons

Your participants expect flawless results at every event. We use our experience and the latest RFID technology to deliver.

Durti Timing uses RFID Timing.
(RFID timing) is a technique for measuring performance in sporting events. A transponder working on a radio-frequency identification (RFID) basis is attached to the athlete and emits a unique code that is detected by radio receivers located at the strategic points in an event. This information is fed into our laptops and race software so that we can produce accurate and lightning fast results.

What are the advantages to chip timing?

There are many advantages to using chip timing at a race. Among them include:

*Accuracy. Very little room for human error.

*Less manual work. Since the race is timed electronically, there is far less work to be done by hand. You do not need to provide a finish line staff to mark the finish time of each participant, collect bib numbers, keep people in order down a chute, etc.

*Speed of results. Your athletes will not be kept waiting around long for your awards ceremony.

Why is athlete data so important.

All timing companies live and die by the information that they use to generate results. At least 95% of the problems that we encounter can be attributed to incorrect data. We strongly suggest that each event let us do the data entry for their registrations using Runsignup.com as your registration site. We will start your runsignup page and manage all aspects of it. If this is not acceptable, we would at least like to receive the data in a timely manner and in a format that we can easily check and import into our scoring software. We prefer to receive as much of the preregistration data from your online registration as possible.
Last Name, First Name, Age, Gender & Email. The Emails are for Results and if there is a problem we can fix it by emailing the participant directly.

Runsignup software and the software we use is integrated with each other making the processes seamless. We have found that this cuts down on the keypunch errors associated with paper entries.  Please let us use Runsignup for your registration process. We administer your online registration at no cost to you. We’ve learned that it really helps to streamline the process and remove a burden from the Race Director. No more having to download your registrations or sharing your password. We take care of all of your registration for you.

For the day of race registration, we require that our personnel enter the data into our database. We require this because they are trained to work with our scoring software and are very sensitized to the problems that incorrect entries cause when we generate results. We do everything that we can to make certain that the database is correct.


How much will it cost for Durti Timing to time my race?

Probably less than you think. We pride ourselves in providing top notch service and accurate results in a timely fashion. We will be and are the most friendly timing service you’re ever going to get.  We typically charge a setup fee then a price per registered athlete. Contact Dug & Marti Durtiming@gmail.com

What is the difference between chip time and gun time?

The difference between chip and gun time is the chip is able to register with the mats at the start and finish of the race and therefore gives you a time that reflects the true distance that you ran. Chip timing has become popular over the last ten plus years as mass participation events have grown and participants do not get to the start line when the gun goes off as they are behind thousands of people.

Where did the name Durti Come From?
It stands for DUG & Marti  (Du for Dug, rti for Marti)

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